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The Ninth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds will be held May 19-22, 2014, in Monterey, California. Like the previous conferences in this series, it is presented and organized by Battelle. Attendance is expected to be 1,500 to 1,700 scientists, engineers, regulators, and other environmental professionals representing universities, government site management and regulatory agencies, and R&D and manufacturing firms from more than 30 countries.

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In Situ Treatment of Contaminated Soils

STAR is an innovative in situ thermal technology based on the principles of smoldering combustion, where the contaminants are the source of fuel. The process is sustained by the addition of air through a well to the target treatment zone and is initiated through a short duration, low energy "ignition event." Once the process is initiated (ignited), the energy of the reacting contaminants is used to pre-heat and initiate combustion of contaminants in adjacent areas, propagating a combustion front through the contaminated zone in a self-sustaining manner (i.e., no external energy or added fuel input following ignition) provided a sufficient flux of oxygen is supplied.

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Ex Situ

Ex Situ Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Liquid Organic Wastes

Savron's Ex Situ (STARx) treatment systems use the same patented process as the in situ STAR technology: smoldering combustion. The STARx process also uses a lot of the same "off-the shelf" equipment as the STAR technology (compressors, blowers, vapor treatment), but is carried out in fabricated reactor systems or in engineered soil piles depending on throughput requirements, available footprint, and treatment time requirements. These systems are ideal for stockpiles of contaminated soils, sites where surficial soils are contaminated, or for waste oils and sludges.

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In Situ STAR Technology at a Former Industrial Site in New Jersey

STAR was evaluated as an alternative to excavation and disposal at a 37-acre former manufacturing facility in New Jersey impacted with coal tar. Three phases of pilot testing were conducted within two hydrogeologic units (i.e., surficial fill and underlying sand units) to evaluate key design parameters such as: 1) contaminant mass destruction rates; 2) STAR well radius of influence (ROI); and, 3) vapor emissions levels, in preparation for the design...

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Ex Situ STARx for the Treatment of Waste Oils and Contaminated Soil

STARx reactor systems have been developed for the treatment of waste oils and contaminated soils. Similar to in situ STAR, STARx is based on smoldering combustion where the contaminants / waste materials are the source of fuel. The process is self-sustaining following a short duration, low energy input ‘ignition event’, such that the energy of the reacting contaminants is used to pre-heat and initiate combustion of contaminants in the adjacent area...

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In Situ STAR Technology at a Former Coke Plant Site in Belgium

The AMS Site in Belgium used to produce coke for steel making. Investigations have shown that the backfill of a former meander of a nearby river is nearly saturated with coal tar below the water level (from 7 to 9 meters below ground surface [bgs]). Its excavation and treatment would be very expensive and create numerous nuisances for the neighborhood. Therefore, the agency in charge of its cleanup (SPAQuE) is looking for a cost-effective in-situ treatment technology...

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Press Release

TORONTO (May 6, 2014) – Geosyntec today announced the formation of Savron as the exclusive vendor of STAR technology, a proven method for the safe and effective treatment of contaminated soil and liquid organic waste. Read the press release for more information

Proven Technology

With established patents and patents pending, the reliability of STAR technology has appeared in numerous refereed journal papers, conference papers, other presentations and published abstracts and keynote presentations at symposia. Learn more about our publications.

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