Hear what we have to say about Emerging In Situ Remediation Technologies at CL:AIRE

CL:AIRE is an independent, not-for-profit organization established to stimulate the regeneration of contaminated land in the UK by raising awareness of and confidence in practical, sustainable remediation technologies. "In Situ Remediation 14" to take place on September 2-4, 2014 in London, England, is an international conference that will bring together leading scientists, researchers and environmental professionals working in the field, offering an unrivalled opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, and gain exposure to the latest developments and network with experts from around the world.

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Meet with us at Sustainable Remediation 2014 in Ferrara, Italy

The 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Remediation 2014 will be held in Ferrara, Italy on September 17-19, 2014. The Conference aims to stimulate international exchange by providing a venue for professionals and interested parties from multiple backgrounds to share experiences and perspectives on how contaminated sites can be remediated with a lower environmental footprint, and how their reuse can contribute to a more sustainable land development. Savron will present during the "Greening" Remediation, eco-efficient Technologies and Opportunities from Synergy session.

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Academics Partner's Meeting

Academic Partner's Research Meeting held at Savron

On July 11, 2014, Savron hosted an Academic Partner's Research and Development meeting at its office in Guelph, Ontario. Jason Gerhard (University of Western Ontario), Jose Torero (University of Queensland), Christine Switzer (University of Strathclyde), and their students provided an overview of the latest ongoing STAR and STARx projects within their research groups. David Major, Gavin Grant, and Grant Scholes (Savron) provided an update on various STAR and STARx field projects currently underway. Photo from left: David Major, Jose Torero, Cody Murray, Laura Kinsman, Benoit Boulay, Christine Switzer, Dave Liefl, Mehrnoosh Ebrahimzadeh, Gavin Grant, Josh Brown, Jason Gerhard, Grant Scholes, Dustin Brown, Kieran May, Marco Zanoni, Daniel Cormier, Tarek Rashwan, Ivo Fabris.


In Situ STAR Technology at a Former Industrial Site in New Jersey

STAR was evaluated as an alternative to excavation and disposal at a 37-acre former manufacturing facility in New Jersey impacted with coal tar. Three phases of pilot testing were conducted within two hydrogeologic units (i.e., surficial fill and underlying sand units) to evaluate key design parameters such as: 1) contaminant mass destruction rates; 2) STAR well radius of influence (ROI); and, 3) vapor emissions levels, in preparation for the design...

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Ex Situ STARx for the Treatment of Waste Oils and Contaminated Soil

STARx reactor systems have been developed for the treatment of waste oils and contaminated soils. Similar to in situ STAR, STARx is based on smoldering combustion where the contaminants / waste materials are the source of fuel. The process is self-sustaining following a short duration, low energy input ‘ignition event’, such that the energy of the reacting contaminants is used to pre-heat and initiate combustion of contaminants in the adjacent area...

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In Situ STAR Technology at a Former Coke Plant Site in Belgium

The AMS Site in Belgium used to produce coke for steel making. Investigations have shown that the backfill of a former meander of a nearby river is nearly saturated with coal tar below the water level (from 7 to 9 meters below ground surface [bgs]). Its excavation and treatment would be very expensive and create numerous nuisances for the neighborhood. Therefore, the agency in charge of its cleanup (SPAQuE) is looking for a cost-effective in-situ treatment technology...

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Full-scale Implementation of STAR Technology

Site preparation is underway ahead of the first full-scale implementation of STAR technology at a coal tar -impacted site in Newark, New Jersey. First ignition of coal tar impacting the deep sand unit is currently scheduled for October / November 2014. Contact us for a tour of the site.

Press Release

TORONTO (May 6, 2014) – Geosyntec today announced the formation of Savron as the exclusive vendor of STAR technology, a proven method for the safe and effective treatment of contaminated soil and liquid organic waste. STAR is a revolutionary adaptation of a smoldering combustion process... Read the press release

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