STAR Case Studies

Case Study: STAR In Situ Smoldering Combustion in Practice

Regulatory Site Closure for Coal Tar-Impacted Soils at a Former Industrial Site in New Jersey

The STAR technology was applied as the primary remedy to achieve regulatory closure at a 37-acre former industrial facility in Newark, NJ.

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Treatment of Coal Tar and Creosote at a Former Manufacturing Facility in Washington

The subject site is a 22-acre former creosote manufacturing facility in Washington with coal tar and creosote contamination present.

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Treatment of Navy Special Fuel Oil (NSFO) Contamination at a Naval Facility in Virginia

NSFO impacted a highly heterogeneous medium- to fine-grained sand with varying amounts of silt, coarse sand, and clay around a former tank farm.

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STARx Case Studies

Full-scale STARx Hottpad to Treat Heavy Crude Oil Sludge at an Operating Oil Field

A STARx Hottpad Plant is currently operating in Kuwait to treat a blend of heavy crude oil sludge and oil-impacted soil

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Full-scale STARx Hottpad™ to Treat Crude Oil Sludge at an Oil and Gas Terminal Facility in The Bahamas

Savron will supply and operate a STARx Hotttpad™ in response to an oil spill at a terminal facility in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian.

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Treating Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Impacted Soils Generated Through the Creation of a Realigned River Channel

A historically industrialized brownfield site is being redeveloped into new public spaces and naturalized to control water flow and manage sediment.

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PFAS Case Studies

STARxpress™ for On-Site Treatment
of PFAS-Impacted Soil

A mobile, rapidly deployable ex situ treatment system will be mobilized to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) to treat stockpiled soil impacted with PFAS

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STARx (Ex Situ) HottpadTM Pilot Test for Treating PFAS-Impacted Soil

Savron conducted a pilot test at an active Canadian military base to destroy PFAS in soil

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