Ex Situ Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Liquid Organic Wastes

Savron’s Ex Situ (STARx) treatment systems use the same patented process as the in situ STAR technology: smoldering combustion. The STARx process also uses a lot of the same “off-the-shelf” equipment as the STAR technology (compressors, blowers, vapor treatment), but is carried out in engineered soil piles placed on our HottpadTM systems. Hottpads are fully scalable and can be sized depending on treatment volume, available footprint, and treatment time requirements. These systems are ideal for stockpiles of contaminated soils, sites where surficial soils are contaminated, and for waste oils and sludges.

STARx: Ex Situ Case Studies

Full-scale STARx (Ex Situ) for Oil-Water Separator Sludge and Oil-Impacted Soils at a Terminal Facility in Southeast Asia

Six modular Hottpad™ units with heating elements and an air distribution system supported the smoldering combustion reaction.

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STARx Hottpad™ Systems and Capabilities for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Organic Wastes

STARx Hottpad™ systems use smoldering combustion for the treatment of contaminated soils and organic wastes.

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STARx (Ex Situ) Hottpad™ for Treating an Oil Sludge Sludge Disposal and Brick Manufacturing Facility in China

Pilot test to assess the treatment of various sources of oil sludge waste and a stockpile of oil-covered bags generated as a waste stream.

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STARx (Ex Situ) Hottpad™ for Oil-Impacted Soil (OIS) at an Active Oil Field in Southeast Asia

A STARx test was conducted to assess the range of soils that could be treated via smoldering combustion.

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Smoldering Combustion Treatment of PFAS-Impacted Materials for SERDP Project Number: ER18-1593

A study for the Strategic Environmental Research Program (SERDP) explored the application of STAR to treat per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS).

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STARx (Ex Situ) Hottpad™ for Contaminated Soils at a Former Base Oil and Lubricant Blending Plant in Taiwan

A STARx Hottpad™ pilot test was conducted to treat petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted soil using two Hottpad™ units.

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WWTP Sludge and Other Organic Waste Treatment Applicability and Development

Ex situ smoldering combustion (STARx) can treat organic wastes, including sludges from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and industry.

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Enhanced Smoldering Combustion for Acid Mine Drainage / Acid Rock Drainage Mitigation

Savron’s STARx systems have demonstrated potential for remediating acid mine drainage (AMD) and acid rock drainage (ARD)-generating wastes.

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Savron’s Innovation Has Been Recognized with Significant Industry Awards

Savron projects have won numerous industry prizes for innovation. Learn more about these key Savron projects.

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Our remediation solutions are based on Savron’s patented technology: an energy-efficient self-sustaining smoldering combustion process that captures and recycles the energy released from hazardous materials to destroy them in an effective, controllable, and safe manner.